TwitchCon Amsterdam 2022

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  • With the gradual return of game expos, truckfests and more, we're excited to slowly return to attending these events and meeting with you, members of our #BestCommunityEver! Coming up on the 16th and 17th of July is one of the larger expos that takes place in Europe, which we imagine quite a few of you might be attending.

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    We are of course talking about TwitchCon Amsterdam 2022! A place to meet up with all your favourites streamers, game developers, gaming companies and more. As we consider ourselves to be somewhat streamers ourselves (Have you seen our Twitch?), Alex & Dareus, our community managers, will be both personally be attending the expo, backpacker style.

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    They will be around both days, walking around the showfloor and meeting up with members from the Trucking community. If you spot them, we encourage you to say hello and even grab a selfie or two for our social media pages! You may even receive a bit of swag or some free game/DLC codes if you are lucky.

    So, if you happen to also be heading to Twitchcon Amsterdam, we hope to see you there! Keep a eye out on our Twitter and other social media channels on the weekend for a heads up of where we will be!